Open Bag | 35µ Compostable TIPA 318

TIPA’s home compostable open bags are made from transparent, durable, and printed single-ply film. These bags are basic knife-sealed with a wide opening that can be heat-sealed. This eco-friendly alternative for polybags is versatile and suited to pack food items like fresh bakery and leafy greens.

Certified Industrial Compostable


Excellent Transparency


Shelf Stable

Heat Sealable


Number of Boxes:

In stock


Suitable to Pack:

  • Fresh bakery: bread, buns, cookies & bakery goods
  • Fresh produce: leafy vegetables, fresh legumes - uncut and unpeeled fruits and vegetables 


  • Highly transparent
  • Medium water vapor barrier
  • Industrial sealing temperature: 80°-140°C / Impulse sealer: start at a low pulse 
  • Ships globally
  • Pre-printed with compostable messaging and certification

Standards and Certifications:

  • Conforms to Standards EN13432 and certified by TÜV as OK Compost Industrial, as well as TÜV’s OK Compost Home program.
  • Please compost where accepted. Safe for home composting. Results in home compost systems may vary.


  • Price does not include shipment, which is added according to weight of box and shipping destination.

  • Price does not include any sales or custom taxes which may be required according to shipping destination.

  • Price does not include import tax which is collected by law in some countries and payed directly by customer to shipping forwarder.