Open Bag | 40µ Compostable TIPA 302

TIPA’s home compostable open bags are made from transparent, durable, and printed single-ply film. These bags are basic knife-sealed with a wide opening that can be heat-sealed and are highly permeable for oxygen and moisture. This eco-friendly alternative for polybags is versatile and suited to pack food items like fresh produce, fresh bakery, chilled and frozen products.

Certified Home Compostable


Excellent Transparency


Shelf Stable

Heat Sealable


Number of Boxes:

In stock


Suitable to Pack:

  • Fresh produce: fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh legumes, fresh herbs & leafy vegetables
  • Chilled and frozen products: chicken, fish, frozen fruits & vegetables
  • Fashion: apparel, fabrics, accessories


  • Highly permeable
  • Highly transparent
  • Industrial sealing temperature: 90°-100°C / Impulse sealer: start at a low pulse 
  • Includes TÜV OK Home Compost logo on the bag
  • Ships globally
  • Pre-printed with compostable messaging and certification

Standards and Certifications:

  • Conforms to Standards EN13432, ASTM6400, AS 5810, Cré as well as TÜV’s OK Compost Home program.
  • Please compost where accepted. Safe for home composting. Results in home compost systems may vary.


  • Price does not include shipment, which is added according to weight of box and shipping destination.

  • Price does not include any sales or custom taxes which may be required according to shipping destination.

  • Price does not include import tax which is collected by law in some countries and payed directly by customer to shipping forwarder.