Nature’s packaging is compostable, why shouldn’t ours be?
Why Compostable?

Nature’s packaging is compostable, why shouldn’t ours be?

  • Compostable packaging provides a truly sustainable solution for packaging that perfectly integrates with our natural ecosystem, because it’s based on natural recycling.
  • We create packaging that can easily, responsibly, and naturally dispose of without creating microplastics or trash.

TIPA® only produces compostable packaging and has specialized in compostable flexible films for over 10 years

  • TIPA® is a leader in the field, offering the best-in-class for compostable films that meet the same performance standards as conventional plastic.
  • TIPA® has the quality of premium plastic packaging, and offers brands the transparency, printability, sealability, and durability of conventional plastic with a certified compostable end-of-life.
Why Stock?

You Requested. We delivered!

  • TIPA’s stock offering includes our most popular compostable bags in small quantities of a variety of standard sizes and thicknesses for online purchase.
  • Our accessible online store sells premium compostable packaging in smaller quantities with global shipping.
  • This means you can try TIPA®’s compostable packaging for your brand before scaling up.