Eco-friendly packaging for small business

Eco-friendly packaging for small business

What eco-friendly packaging can your small business use?

If you are a smaller business and thinking how you can increase your sales, switching to eco-friendly packaging might come in handy for you; understanding your most important asset: your customers, and initiating a new relevant marketing line, can upgrade your business and boost your sales. Going green is more fashionable than ever, but it’s not just a trend, it’s here to stay. Customers demand it and if you can provide it, you could transform your marketing line and you’re new sustainable packaging to be beneficial not only for you but for mother earth as well.  

Read more about why should you have to make big efforts to change to eco-friendly packaging? What are the advantages and disadvantages of eco-friendly packaging? And please see below What eco friendly packaging can a small business use?

What packaging can small businesses use to make their business go green?

  1. Resealable bags - TIPA’s resealable, and organically recyclable packaging is extremely popular! Made from a home compostable transparent single-ply film with a resealable adhesive tape on the folding flap. After reusing it, you can safely toss your organic waste into it and compost it all fully!


  1. Garment bags - provide excellent protection for delicate apparel such as dresses, shirts, suits, pants, and gowns. These bags are made from a transparent, durable single-ply film to protect and display your garments beautifully and perfectly.


  1. Mailing bags – poly mailers are perfect to pack and ship goods in a safe and secure way. Made from a home compostable opaque black & white single-ply film with a secure sealable adhesive strip on the folding flap, these elegant and chic shipping bags will surprise your customers with a meaningful message for them and for our mother ear
  1. Open bag - basic knife-sealed with a wide opening bags that can be heat-sealed and are highly permeable for oxygen and moisture. This recyclable packaging is versatile and suited to pack food items like fresh produce, frozen products, apparel, fabrics, and accessories.


  1. Zipper Bag - made with a unique compostable zipper for secure closing and easy opening. Suitable to pack accessories & toiletries, fresh produce, and mobile accessories.



  1. Wicketed bag - made from a highly permeable single-fly film, these bags are neatly stacked together on a wire wicket for easy and quick dispensing; suitable for fresh produce.


Compostable packaging is not only as effective as conventional plastic but may even outperform it for shelf-life of shelf produce such as vegetables and fruits, studies find.

Ready to take the leap and move to eco-friendly packaging? TIPA’s packaging is sustainable by design, as every one of our premium products is compostable certified to break down into organic waste within 3-6 months under compost conditions. Visit us at ESHOP portfolio’s link today, explore small quantities of eco-friendly packaging options, and gradually upgrade to branded packaging. 


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